Needle-less Acupuncture

Needle-less AcupunctureIt may come as a surprise that acupuncture was not invented with needles. Early healers were performing acupressure with pointed rocks, which the Chinese referred to as bian shi. This was the precursor to the modern acupuncture needle and teishin. The word teishin signifies a needle or probe that does not penetrate the skin. While it may look like a needle, teishins have a more blunted point and do not break the skin. Modern teishins are often beautiful works of art made from gold, sliver, or platinum and are sometimes combined with stones such as jade or lapis. During treatment, the practitioner will lightly touch the teishin to an acupoint and hold it there for a number of seconds and then move to the next point. Teishin treatments are extremely gentle, yet can be just as powerful as a traditional acupuncture treatment. Because there is no insertion of needles, this type of treatment is perfect for children of all ages, those who are needle-sensitive, and weak or frail patients.