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Consultations for Long Covid

About Consultations for Long Covid

In addition to providing Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture sessions which can help alleviate symptoms and reduce whole body post viral inflammation, Dana also has much more to offer when it comes to Long Covid, having navigated her own post viral chronic fatigue journey, as well as tirelessly researching and advocating to get answers for her patients.
A consultation will include guiding you to the the latest peer reviewed, scientific research on Long Covid, expediting putting you in touch with the top MDs and Long Covid Centers who are at the helm of the latest research, locally here in the Philadelphia region, as well as national programs, assisting you in advocating for yourself and speaking with your PCP and specialists who may not be well informed on Long Covid. Dana can also make referrals to other integrative practitioners who are up on the latest labs, testing and treatments to help gain a bigger picture of post viral symptoms and to help guide individualized care.
All consultations will also include dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations. If you or someone you know is struggling with lingering, long term health issues post covid, please reach out to discuss.
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